Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hot Tub Fizzies Coming Soon!

We have been working hard to create new products for you to enjoy - and to give as gifts of course!

Hot tub bath fizzies are one. I was working for a friends pool company last summer and I can't tell you how many customers were upset with how difficult it was to find bath products that they could enjoy in their hot tubs. Oil-based fragrances are a no-no with hot tubs - so their search was tough.

We recently came across water-based (as opposed to oil-based) fragrance oils specifically made to be used in products for hot tubs.

We will not only be selling them through our site, but we will also be offering them at wholesale to pool companies.

Keep your eyes open for the new products!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Comments Sent Recently

Just sharing a few recent Customer Testimonials. We have some great customers and we always love to hear their opinions about our products!

"Your lotion is the best ever - so soft and just the best I think I have ever come by! I will keep you with my favorites, and buy from you often as a good lotion is always a wonderful gift. I just can't say enough how wonderful your lotion is!"

"Your Choco Cherry Bath Fizz set is so cute and smells great! What a great item!"

As a small business, we thrive on your comments!
Keep 'em coming!

We have joined Etsy!

The Sublime Dragonfly recently joined with Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade items.

You can find all sorts of great handmade items - bath products, toys, clothing, furniture, candles, jewelry, and more!

Visit our shop there at