Thursday, March 02, 2006

Donating Gifts for Charity Events

Many non-profit organizations host fundraising events where they either auction off gift baskets and gift items or they have silent/Chinese auctions. These are great ways for area businesses to showcase their items and be a part of the fundraising efforts of these organizations.

You benefit twice by donating: exposure for your business and helping a charity.

Donating single items, a bunch of items, or putting together a basket to donate are just a few ways to help them with their gift auctions. Many of them return the favor by adding your business name and/or logo to event advertising, ad journals, company newsletters, or signage at the event. That’s double the exposure for you!

Contact local organizations in your area to find out when they are having events and if they are in need of donations for the gift basket auctions.

The Sublime Dragonfly

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